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Project Home Page (Coming Soon)

This is intended to become the project site for the GssMonger Interop Suite currently distributed under a separate license at

Quick FAQ:

What is GssMonger?

GssMonger is, as the title says, a suite of interop testing tools. It was designed to verify interoperability of different Kerberos implementations and as a consequence can be used to validate correct deployment in heterogenous scenarios.

GssMonger is at its core a master/slave system for verifying that crossplatform authentication protocols are interoperable.

Why is this on Codeplex?

GssMonger has grown both in size and utility for the Kerberos community and its adjacent communities such as SPNEGO. More features are being requested on a regular basis, and the Microsoft team that owns it can no longer keep up. So, we've decided to put this into community hands.

How do you use this thing?

A preliminary release of the documentation for gssMonger is available here gssMonger.doc
You'll also need this XSLT ezlog.xslt to parse the logs generated.

Where's the rest of the suite?

If you find something missing (such as gssMaster, which is still MIA as of this moment), it's probably on the download site.

Does this interop with the MS-download site version?

I don't know (yet), but wouldn't assume it since the code has matured dramatically since it was posted to the MS-download site. Yes, it's ironic that an interop tool might not be interoperable with itself... Yes, we know that already.

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