known gssmonger issues


We've discovered several issues (or "nice to have" enhancements) during our interop test.
-- error handling code in gssapi.c dealing with acquire_cred
-- don't run Import/Export tests on a Nego context!
-- gssmaggot crashes sometimes when gssmaster is control-c'd.
-- discover the date and time on connection and WARN THE USER.
-- It would be neat if gssmonger could say "2nd init failed: blah" or even protocol-dependently: "2nd init rejected AP-REP".
-- Summarization of the scenario would be nice too, like this:
MIT3XF7 client tried to authenticate to mit-server-1.mit.kerb server using foo@MS.KERB principal.
The server (mit-server-1) rejected MIT3XF7's AP-REQ.
-- if ISC returns success with no token, we return failure (correctly) but it's not clear why. We should detect this early victory condition and report it.